Patient and practitioner data

Create your own patient / practitioner database with search simplicity, additions and modifications. To always facilitate you the various tasks, MonEcho Report integrates the list of cities and postal codes of differents countries.


Connection with your ultrasound system

Your new software will allow you to interact with your system under the DICOM protocol. It is fully compatible with ultrasound scanners on the market such as ALOKA, ESAOTE, GE, HITACHI, MEDISON, MINDRAY, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, ALPINION...

 Connectivity information


Generation of reports

Write your ultrasound report using the pre-filled menus that conform to the recommendations. Receive measurements and images from your ultrasound system. Easily edit the generated text and archive the report. MonEcho Report allows you to display percentiles and generate graphs automatically.

New INTERGROWTH 21st charts



Create your typical prescriptions. MyEcho Report will generate it with many options such as displaying the barcode, your practitioner numbers in the print format of your choice.


Authorized Host with Health Character is hosted on a server specialized in France for health data

New Storage is now unlimited

More than 25 features
to reply to your needs

Multi-users and multi-licenses

The application can be used by one or more people.
One license per site.

Instant messaging

You can chat with colleagues at any time.


MyEcho Report allows you to send e-mails to your colleagues or to your patients.

Integration in the patient page


Printing of your prescriptions, consents (ex serum markers), standard letters for a colleague.

Accessibility and security


Multi platform

MyEcho Report is a web application which means it only requires an internet browser. The application is compatible regardless of the operating system you use.


Automatic backup

The security of your data is our concern, iMonEcho backup of your data automatically.

Modern Design

  Responsive Design

Multi Terminal

MonEcho Report is compatible on tablets, mobile phones and computers.


Fully customizable report

Your reports are completely customizable with our editor. You can change the layout and colors ...


Our solution allows you to integrate data from other software.
MonEcho Report is compatible with different online agenda editors.


MonEcho Report online calendar

Reduce your absenteeism rate by joining the online calendar with SMS reminder (0,12 € HT /SMS).


Linked Purchase and Ultrasound Package

The software can be offered in addition to the purchase of an ultrasound system according to the price offered by the dealer.


Historical recovery

It is possible to import data from another software to MonEcho Report

List of Patients, List of Doctors, Reports associated with each patient, Images associated with each report, Calendar

Our team

A responsive team dedicated to customers and users


Head sales administration
serving MonEcho customers and overseeing sales contract management operations from order registration to delivery to customers


Founder and manager, Computer training and MBA graduate.


Engineer Code and perfect the new features of the software


Your technician on the south of France


Strategy & Organization Advisor


Developer Corrective and scalable software maintenance

Testimonials from our customers

they use the software

"MonEcho software is very easy to handle. It enabled our firm to develop its network, thanks to the simple function of sending reports and images by email to our correspondents. Feedbacks are very positive. Patients are also delighted to retrieve and keep all their photos on their smartphones and computers as well. In addition to this, MonEcho team is always there to answer questions and to upgrade the software"
"I've been working with MonEcho software for almost three years now, and I'm absolutely delighted. It covers all my activity, and is very functional and customizable at will. Patients appreciate the fact that they can view their images online. The small plus in case of problems (but it almost never happens) is that the team is very available and especially very responsive to handle my requests. Software is in constant evolution. GREAT!!! "
"I daily use MonEcho Report since 2012. This simple and intuitive software fully meets the expectations of a ultrasound office located in a city. The interface is clear and customizable, just as the reviewing reports. The various interconnected modules (patient record, calendar, messaging, accounting) allow a huge time and efficiency saving, which contribute to an optimal care of the patients."


Licenses and MonEcho Report Details

Connection with the system
Obstetrical ultrasound (T1, T2, T3, growth, ...)
Cardio-fetal ultrasound
Gynecology Consultation
Pregnancy consultation
Pathological Pregnancy Consultation
Prenatal interview
Childbirth report
Rehabilitation of the perineum
Gynecological ultrasound
Doppler echography
Cardiology consultation
Informations Offer allowing you to manage your reports and all your data directly on the internet on a approved hosting of health data.
Accessibility of your software Anyone with internet connection
Compatibility PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone
Automatic and secure online backups
Connecting to compatible external calendars
Patient Access Area
  • Reports and Images Recovery
  • Consent Validation
Support by email and phone
Follow-up of the woman 30 €/month TTC
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Obstetric Ultrasound + Follow-up of the woman 109 €/month TTC
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Cardiology 109 €/month TTC
 See the order form
Support hotline Included

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at + 33 1 85 40 01 16 .


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